AaliyahT Photography SERENE DINING Digital Coffee or Tea Mug Print

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Serene Dining Coffee or Tea Mug Print by AaliyahT photography. It is Ready to PRINT. The size is 2226 pixels wide x 1047 pixels high.

 Saved in a resolution of 300, which is the maximum printing resolution for a coffee mug at Costco locations with an onsite Photo Department. The file is in JPEG Format. 

License to print includes permission to print 3 copies to keep or to give away, but not to sell (Certificate in PDF Format). Makes a Great Gift. OK to Register License to 3 People. Print yours at Costco Photo Center then Mail License to next person.

Before printing check with your printer for printing specifications. We accept no responsibility of print quality, size, format, or anything else. We are only sharing our prints. All sales are final. Thank you.

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